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Vanguard Security & Investigation (Private) Limited is a Limited Liability Company Registered under the Companies Act of 2002 under reference PV00213421 with a broader objective of providing a complete solution on security services to the corporate sector. Our services are currently sourced by Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Construction sites, Night clubs, Residentials & Events. Our well-trained security officers are dedicated to offer a service beyond expectations to our clients. Vanguard, is also registered in the Ministry of Defense under reference MOD/SIS/11/PS/2019/376. Our contract security Guard Service is available on temporary and long-term basis. Vanguard, is committed to meet the desires of our clients with unprecedented professionalism, reliability and confidentiality. This is a result of the decision taken by the management to employ, employees with the highest caliber who could deliver the maximum protection at a very high standard.


Commitment to Effective Security and exceptional Customer Service


Vanguard Security and Investigation (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering personalized, high – quality and cost-efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients. We strive to exceed the requests of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked to ensure that every detail is to your requirements Vanguard Security and Investigation (Pvt)Ltd.

Man Power Recruitment

Recruitment being the most important factor is done strictly as per statutory requirements. There we secure the örst base of Our hallmark quality. Prior to recruiting the personnel, we will conduct rigorous screening and assessment I exercise. Only those who are Physically öt and healthy (Within age permitted age 18 to 60 years old), disciplined and free from any criminal or Illegal records are chosen. Once chosen, they are örst required to undergo Security training to ensure that they are well presented and possess the ability to deal with their duties and the public in the best possible manner.


Training has always been a cornerstone of our business. We recruit qualified, capable and well-presented staff and ensure that they receive the best possible training. Training as such could be categorized under the following sub-heads

  • Basic Training
  • On the job training
  • Refresher training
  • Specialized training
  • Training for supervisor

Selected individuals undergo comprehensive basic training which all includes aspects of commercial and industrial security. The refresher training program conducted at the most rigid levels, instills the element of professionalism securing the second base. Subsequent perpetual training conducted on a structured basis includes squid drill, martial arts, etc. to ensure that our standards are tested to the limits. Security functions and procedures, maintenance for books, legislative aspects, detection of common fraudulence, degree of vigilance, firefighting, first aid, special investigations, public relations. especially in-store management, gate pass procedure, etc. From the core of the on-the-job training. Our role, of training course, is not to fight with the rebels but to protect. Our customers. We make that very clear to our entire Client

security Service Include

  • Loss prevention due to theft, fire, or vandalism -We will provide an officer to be on duty at your location to serve as a deterrent.

  • Personnel Protection- Body Guard Service

  • Emergency Security Solution – We provide security solutions in an emergency situation for businesses, companies, sporting events, school events, etc.

  • Visual determent to crime- Our officers are uniformed. They serve as a deterrent to any possible crime on your property or at your event.

  • Dignitary Protection- Personnel bodyguard services for celebrities, dignitaries, or VIP

  • Consultation and Surveys- Advice on methods to safely secure an environment. For those times when you may not need an officer but could use some help making decisions.

  • Investigation                                                                                              *Escorts with Outriders 

    *Special Events Security   

    *Residential Security

    *Ceremonial Security Offiffifficer 

    Vanguard offers the best in mobile, static, or foot patrols on-site services, our highly professional officers are trained in the latest security methods and to in addition to Customer Service training that helps make them more effective when interacting with our clients and employees.


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